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The MSD of Wayne Township is a diverse and dynamic school district that offers students multiple pathways to digital learning and success. Due to the cooperative vision of the School Board, key administrative leaders and classroom teachers the MSD of Wayne Township has had a focus on advancing student achievement with the use of technology where it could most assist. The MSD of Wayne Township technology plan reflects this instructional focus of the district and the Blueprint for Digital Learning illustrates at a high level the results we’re striving for and essential components and steps to growth.

A “TechVision Committee” of administrators and teachers was formed in 2008 to help envision the future of our schools and then detail what role technology would have. Using live and online wiki collaboration, the committee detailed a clear long term vision. With a focus on connecting the technology that students are currently using outside of school with the technology knowledge and skills currently embedded in the curriculum, a clear and more aligned future continues to be built. The direction of the TechVision committee could not be accomplished without a change in the Acceptable Use Policy. Work began in earnest by an Acceptable Use Policy Review Committee in the winter of 2009 to create a new proposal based on responsible use of web and digital tools. Using a wiki site again as well as live collaboration meetings, the committee met through the spring of the year and produced the current Responsible Use Policy (RUP) recently approved by the School Board. The policy is evidence of the direction that the district has embraced and demonstrated over the past three years. The current RUP allows for personal devices at schools, allows utilization of Web 2.0 resources and integrates responsibility into everyone’s concept of digital access and use. The goal continues to be an increase in understanding of user responsibility in our new social media age. Schools have adopted, to varied degrees, practices to encourage student digital citizenship and use of their own devices. Some of this has resulted in modification of school codes and rules to provide for the best learning environment for their students in the digital learning age. The RUP is a foundational School Board Policy, which supports the Technology Vision. Teachers continue to be trained and given opportunities to investigate new learning tools and apply them to updated curriculum which is starting to weave in digital options to meet our district objectives. MSD of Wayne Township, in an effort to support a diverse community of 21st Century learners, is committed to the seamless integration of technology:

  • to develop the ability to collaborate and communicate information in all forms of media
  • to gain the critical and abstract thinking skills
  • to create self-directed, lifelong learners
  • to produce contributing members of a dynamic democracy

Given the ever evolving nature of technology and our mission to ensure all students acquire and apply knowledge, skills, processes, and values, Wayne Township must connect the technology that students are currently using outside of school with the technology knowledge and skills currently embedded in the curriculum. We must also ensure that our efforts in technology usage match the curricular goals for the given subject matter. A core team of technology leaders representing all levels and departments within the organization will continually assess the world of technology and provide professional development to maintain a cutting edge eLearning program.