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The MSD of Wayne Township offers digital learning options to enhance our multiple pathways for learning.

Prior to starting our digital leap, we created a Digital Learning Blueprint (DL Blueprint) visual to clarify process and tactics. The CoSN Framework for School System Technology Success outlines the district practices needed to be a successful digital school system.

We have been constructing an environment allowing teacher and student agency for the best instruction to occur. Starting with the foundation of an LMS hosting our district curriculum, we have been growing our LMS content library with digital adoptions to support instructional connections for teachers and students. Centralizing functions to the LMS (one point of delivery) helps the speed and efficiency with which our district organizes and prioritizes the direction of curriculum, instruction, and assessments.

We’ve been using G Suite, LMS and Chromebooks extensively for years, so initial course integration PD is focused on new users. Continuing focus is on incorporating the 4 C’s in all classrooms & PD for LMS courses and DL resources use. We have developed PD for Google Expeditions & AR as well as 3D options in our Areas 31 Health Careers. We continue to expand student and teacher opportunities in the growing field of XR as a way to enhance student understanding on the level of field trips (which we still have as well!)

MSD of Wayne has had a focus on providing secure data transparency for our staff to allow for the best decisions to promote student learning. We have been a national leader in building an Ed-Fi Operational Data store to bring our systems together and provide staff with a combined dashboard to get all essential information into one visual representation. Ed-Fi is a data standard to securely and seamlessly connect educational data systems.

“The Ed-Fi Data Standard is a set of rules that allow (previously disconnected) educational data systems to connect. Any educational technology that’s powered by Ed-Fi—whether a student information system, a rostering tool, assessment software, etc.—can connect with any other.” Ed-Fi Alliance

The IT Services, eLearning and Data teams in Wayne work together to provide world class options for our students. We’ve been recognised for our leadership in this area by earning a host of awards over the years and are honored to be considered a national leader in Digital Learning.