Welcome to IT Services

The MSD of Wayne Township is a diverse and dynamic school district that offers students multiple pathways to digital learning and success. For many years the MSD of Wayne has lead the charge to allow for the universal design of the classroom and to incorporate technological innovations to assist learning.

Parents and teachers are at the core of student success.  Teacher professional development has been foundational to establishing success in digital learning initiatives and link subject experts to generalists and encourage a “teach the teacher” mindset.  This has resulted in a rather technologically savvy teaching staff with a great deal of administrative encouragement and accountability towards innovation and creative teaching approaches.  Our 30+ “iTEC” educators representing each school share best practices monthly in live sessions and through collaborative tools between meetings.  These efforts encourage sharing, serve as an incubator for new digitally oriented pedagogy and create a culture of live and digital collaboration to improve student learning.  Coupled with each schools Principal’s “buy in” to the focus towards deep technology integration, the digital tools are becoming ubiquitous as they blend and become simply “how we do it”.  Administrative discussions often center around data focused on student improvement and encouragement to post student work in classrooms, hallways and the Internet.  Through grants these key teaching and administrative staff have attended conferences to understand best practices, and how they fit into our “Wayne ways.” Digital tools are integrated daily across the district by both staff and students in routine as well as innovative and groundbreaking ways.